Thursday, May 31, 2012

1 Dress = 2 Looks

This is an example of the multiple personalities this Forever 21 dress has. I love to see how many different looks I can pull off with one piece, weather its a dress, a top, shoes... It is a great styling exercise and will save you money when you realize the wider range of places you can wear this particular item to. It's like taking each item of your closet to it's full potential! I encourage you to take a look at your closet with new eyes and see what you can come up with. I can assure you that if you take time to do this your creativity will start flowing and it will take you less time to get dressed every day....You're Welcome! ;)

In the first outfit I'm wearing a Forever 21 tribal necklace, an Aldo gold leaf ring, and the boots are the Jeffrey Campbell Litas. In the second outfit I paired the dress with an Aldo necklace, a leopard fur bag also from Aldo, a Forever 21 black rock ring, and Nine West combat boots.


  1. I was looking at both trying to decide which is one is my fave but they both are! I like the dressy feel of the first one and paired with the Litas is a win for me. I just love those shoes so much! The second one has this tuff edge with the boots that I also like lots. The Aldo necklace on the second pic looks so beautif8l. I'm so glad I got it :) Have a good day

  2. I know! It's hard for me to decide too! I'm so moody with my outfits that one day I will want to look girly and the next day I want to look like Joan Jett! So balance is the key when I'm in that particular mood. And you're right...there's something about Litas! ;) Thanx for the comment! I'm so glad I got that necklace too...I can wear it with my pajamas and look good!

  3. I love both.. its a great ensemble.. :-)