Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Indian Giver

Hello awesome people! Today's outfit is a product of Indian Giving (well almost). The peplum style in tops, jackets and skirts has been all over the runways and on many blogs this season. Although very attractive to my senses, in the back of my mind I had this feeling of been there done that. Well this morning, I stopped by a blog (you know who you are <3) that posted the season's best peplum styles.They all looked so beautiful.... And like a moment of clarity... It clicked! I had a peplum skirt! I ran to my closet like a mad woman, tossed everything everywhere, but could not find it!! As I sat down to compose myself, I remembered a bag of old clothes I was saving to give away!! I pushed my mess aside, grabbed a step ladder and reached high in closet where the bag was! And there it old but very on trend peplum skirt!! I can't believe I almost gave it away! It was a beautiful moment! =))


  1. I think I like me all the clothes in this post...
    it's so cool!!!!!!

  2. wow, I love the type of your beauty! :D great connection of the peplum skirt and printed T-shirt. I've just started following your blog, maybe you would like to visit&follow mine in some free time?

  3. Frances! you look great and all glammed up! Is the top different shades of blue? On my screen it looks like it anyways wow! you almost gave it away! Good thing you did not.. it's good to revisit the old clothes, sometimes you can fall in love with that piece of clothing all over again hehe :)

  4. Lovely look! Love the skirt, you look great! x Elma

  5. this is sweet! such a cute ensemble


  6. Good thing you didn't give it away, I've given tons of clothes away that I later regret ): the skir is super cute and love the top you paired it with

    following you!
    Sabrilett's Armoire

  7. Hola preciosa!! Estas divina!! Muy buen look!
    No se, pero no te veo en google friends :-(
    Me ha gustado mucho esta combinación.

  8. Сool!!!!!would you like to follow each other?

  9. great blog. do you want follow each other ?? :)

  10. i love this outfit.. the peplum skirt is very pretty and i like that u didnt stick making a very feminie look but u added a bit of edge to your outfit by wearing that tee!! love it!

    xo, Carla

  11. hey, love ur style and love ur blog. following you (:
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    much love.x